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In Development

ANGELS IN THE SKY:The Birth of Israel. The feature length documentary tells the story of the 150 aviators who arrived from around the world in 1948 to defend the newly formed state of Israel when its formation was threatened by a union of six Arab armies. This little known but extraordinary tale of human valor, courage, bravery and self-sacrifice is the true story in which Jews and Christians came together globally to ensure a homeland in Israel at its most tentative moment in history. Eleven of the original fighter pilots from this group are still living to tell this heroic and legendary story, including Mitchell Flint, the father of producer Mike Flint.

CASTNER'S CUTTHROATS: A novel written by Jim Reardon (Sarah Palin's uncle) to be developed as a theatrical feature motion picture. This movie will tell the tale of a pivotal but little known battle form World War II that was fought on the soil of Alaska.

RASPUTIN "the Man behind the Myth" by Maria Rasputin and Patte Barham, a memoir from the daughter of Rasputin is to be developed as a feature length motion picture from the only written "primary source material' on the life of the famous monk, Grigori Rasputin, whose miraculous healing hands saved the dying son of the last Tsar of Russia and thrust the Siberian born peasant Rasputin into the limelight and power of influence over the Imperial Russian Royal Court. This is a fresh look, through the eyes of a loving daughter, at the life of man who may have been greatly maligned by his Russian aristocratic detractors.

HECTOR HU a full-length screenplay, written by Trevor Lissauer, from a story by producer Jerry Meadors and television star Trevor Lissauer, is a martial arts action adventure fable intended for a broad audience base.

DAMSON HONEY a full length screenplay written by Jerry Meadors being developed as a MOW, tells the story of a young Jewish mechanic from the South, who dreams of being a singer-songwriter, is best friends with an Hispanic migrant worker who has been coming for a number of years from Mexico to work in the fields of the vanishing tobacco industry, and a young African-American scholar with whom he has grown up. Each of their lives will be changed. The migrant worker will fall in love with the bosses daughter. The scholar will effect the life of a boy who needs his guidance. Our central character, the mechanic/musician will be forever transformed by the love of a beautiful female dancer who arrives from her big city New York life for a summer job in their small southern town.

AMOROUS AFFAIRS a stageplay written by producer Jerry Meadors, is a comedic farce set in present day New York City's Tribeca district that tells a tale of misbegotten assumptions on the part of two women who are in love with two men, but fear that the two men might be better suited to each other, only to discover the reality of each of the couples love for one another in an hilarious romp where everyone lives happily ever after.

SON OF FRANKENSTEIN'S SON a horror/comedy from a concept by producer Jerry Meadors, tells the story of old Dr. Frankenstein's passing of the creative torch from his deathbed, to his son, Dr. Frankenstein, who desires to carry on the family work in a place where the entire world will be focused on his success, when he has a success, so he decides to move the laboratory to the Hollywood hills, hires an Igor type through a local employment agency and sets out to build a girl and guy to start his master race.

BLACK WOMAN IN A RED ROOM a stage play, written by Lucinda Roy and Fred D'Aguilar, is a look into the lives of a sophisticated upper middle-class black couple who live a stylish life in a Northern Virginia suburb. This is a unique look at African-American culture in modern America in the life of people who have roots through Jamaica back to Europe, rather than through the Old South. Their marriage has hit a point of strain and they are about to rediscover the meaning of commitment and the lasting values of marital love.