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About Us

Producer & Management Entertainment Group is a full service talent management and production company based in Los Angeles and serves as the hub for a wide ranging association of skilled professional entertainment production and marketing experts. Together we specialize in providing professional advice, counsel, and guidance to talent. The individuals we partner with include the following: producers, directors, writers, actors, recording artists, composers and athletes.

PMEG develops a game plan to determine how best to enhance your marketability and career. This may include assistance in obtaining anything from an agent, to a publicist, to a writing partner, to a production deal, to a record contract and more. We may also directly provide assistance in developing your public relations campaign and professional image, by offering "A" level entertainment marketing expertise to all our client associates.

In short, our advice can help coordinate a myriad of elements to bolster the building of your career. Our management services and fees are tailored to your needs and assessed according to the transformation we expect to effect in your career. If preferred, we can consult with you on an hourly basis or we can be retained on a monthly or per project basis. Alternately, if the situation presents itself, we can work out a more traditional representation arrangement on a commission basis.

The producing side of the company, in addition to working with producers to develop, fund and green light their projects, develops stories and concepts for motion pictures, television, stage and live performance.